6 comments on “Why Do Britney Spears Fans Accept Her Mediocrity?

  1. I feel the same, where is the old Britney? I was so disappointed with her performance, she just didn’t seen into it at all. Everyones saying she was amazing but that performance was almost upsetting for watch. I am 25, so I grew up with and love her music. This will not stop me from buying or downloading her music but what the hell is going on!

    I am suprised this is the only thing I’ve read about that acknowledge Britney’s sadly week performance, is everyone blind? And, this is now the second time I’ve seen her do this. I think it was on MTV after she cut off her hair, it was her, believe it or not, come back performance, and was just like on GMA. Im suprised her manager or whatever allow her to perform like that and let that air.

    I miss you Britney

  2. I do agree with you both.
    I’m not really what we can call a Britney Spears fan, but I used to be a huge one when I was a teenager. Anyway, seeing her on stage now make me feel sad for her.It’s painful to see her “dancing”. Her “performances” are so bad, that I just don’t understand how the manager or whatever he/she is called can let her being on stage with this lack of ernergy. If she has a knee problem it would be better to let people know.It would explain her bad dancing.
    I heard or read people saying ” it’s because of her age, the smoke and stuff” but I really don’t think so, I mean ok after 2 babies you have to work a bit to be in good shape but come on ! she’s still young ! My sister is her age and she smokes A LOT (and not just tobacco) but she is a very good dancer, practicing 4 times a week.So maybe this is not about a bad physical condition but more about a bad mental one. She doesn’t look happy, on stage, on interview neither she might be sad in her life, so she lost her will to perform, she has no physical energy ’cause she has no mental one. The only thing I’m sure about is that it’s very painful to see her on stage, ’cause it’s ridiculous. She is not a singer and was better known and loved for her dancing/performances, now that she’s lost her moves … is Britney Spears still a performer ? Oh and maybe another thing, why does she have the worst video clip ever ? > ” Hold it against me”; ” I wanna go”

  3. Britney’s songs have always been consistently good pop records, but you’re right; her performances always look like a hazy mess. I don’t really agree with the Madonna comment, though. Madonna isn’t a great live performer herself.

  4. why does britney look so rough, i keep hearing about all these amazing photos of her and then when you see her she looks like a trucker, where are her stylists, why are her people letting her out letting her look like that, is it true the rumors that she is so over medicated, and they are just keeping her there for the money to churn, i agree i think people feel sorry for the hot girl from i’m a slave for you and now she looks actually even worse than madonna

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