2 comments on “John’s Glee Recap: “Sexy”

  1. HAHAHA I know! I was watching that and laughing my head off over the pie. Between Paltrow and Kurt I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know how they come up with this stuff!

  2. I agree with almost everything you wrote! I love Lauren and while yes, I HOPE there will be a huge number with her, I still love her character. I think her storyline with Puck gives the “pretty people” permission to love people who are “normal” more than any other show has. While John Stamos doesn’t have much of a character, I still love to see him on the show. He is a cutie (and I imagine he loves being there).

    As for Santana and Brittany, they’ve hinted at their sexuality together since early in season one, when Brittany mumbled something about making out with Santana. To me, that storyline wasn’t a surprise and I think they handled it beautifully. You are right, Naya Rivera deserves huge accolades!

    Finally, as I watched it (twice in a row, I might add) I said to my husband that the Burt/Kurt scene was THE best of that nature in the history of television. I think there are lots of parents who could learn a lot from Burt’s relationship with Kurt.

    Thanks for the blog, John. I look forward to many more!

    : ) P

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