6 comments on “Is Lauren Conrad Interesting? Check Yes Or No.

  1. She is sooo interesting!!!! I love her fashion and makeup. I only watched The Hills because of her. Once she left I quit watching.

  2. She’s not like OMG EYES WIDE OPEN crazy interesting, but I love her because she’s just a normal girl making her dreams come true. Basically, I want her life and I feel like I’ve grown up with her. That’s my fascination. Plus, she’s pretty. And her style is awesome.

    Sometimes someone doesn’t have to be “interesting” to be likeable 🙂

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    • She’s interesting in that she has had a pretty cool career this far; Teen Vogue stuff, clothing lines, fashion shows, book deals, etc and I admire her in that regard… however…. I don’t think I’d deem her “interesting” because she quite honestly isn’t that multi-faceted. She’s never said anything funny and has no sense if humor whatsoever and that’s kind of just something that typically makes me interested in a person. She just seems wholesome, dry, normal and… uninteresting.

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