3 comments on “Lady Gaga + Bassoons = My Dreams Come True!

  1. Awesome!! My 11 yr old daughter is a bassoonist and found this post looking for Lady Gaga – Paparazzi sheet music for her Middle School talent show. These girls are very entertaining, excellent bassooning!

    • really thats awesome i did something like lol its alot of fun tell ur daughter to keep trying im in high school now i have been a bassoonist for 8 years now.
      btw a little hint on the bassoon if she cant get her high notes out and she has a high c key tell her to use it ^^

  2. omg im 12 n im a beginning bassoonist n this is AWESOME is there any way u guys could post a link to the sheet music to this?!?!

    u guys r soooo extremely talented!!

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