20 comments on “Why Is Katy Perry So Stupid?

  1. people wont stop talking shit but one thing for sure katy perry rock the wold thats the fact!!!!!!

    • seriously i agree with u she is so dumb and annoying i just hope her career is over soon cause she’s not good at anything

  2. Katy Perry is a trail blazer that proves that brunette pop stars can be giant fucking idiots, too! Way to go, girl!

  3. Katy Perry is talentless and I think it’s ridiculous that she would question Lady Gaga — who, to be be honest, I don’t like, but whom I respect as a talented performer. Katy Perry seems like a parody of the type of shitty singer that can become famous with the right media machine behind her. It doesn’t seem real, that someone who wouldn’t even get on American Idol should be a judge on the very same show and is considered “talented.” How disheartening!

  4. She’s always got that “deer caught in the head-lights look”

    …not to mention I’ve sat through her proactive commercial like a million times [DVR…bad timing] and she acts like she doesn’t understand what she’s talking about…it pisses me off to no end.

  5. i dont she is an idiot, not more idiot than an average teenager though. She just sings about obvious stuff – how good it is to have the guy that every other girl wants to have, and how bad it is that he sleeps with every other girl, nothing even slightly new.

  6. Katy Perry is a young and beautiful and apparently totally brainless. She is the poster girl for the music industry which is apparently not hiding the fact that they are using sex to sell millions of CD’s to young boys and girls.
    I recently saw the video for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” In half the video she’s laying naked on the floor with some cotton barely covering her breats and ass. Then she attaches whipped cream cans to her breats and shoots cream all over the place. Let me repeat that: Then she attaches whipped cream cans to her breats and shoots cream all over the place. ……..So what’s next Katy? You sucking on a hot dog? Washing a car in a bikini and cowboy boots? Wearing a loose tank top and bending over a lot? How about a full-on porno wear you hum a little?
    And we wonder why 14 year old girls dress like whores and end up being grandmother’s at the age of 34…..

  7. Well look who Katy Perry is with. Enough said. You have to have a low IQ to be with Russel Brand.

  8. I do not think this makes her look NEARLY as stupid as she does on who wants to be a millionaire. Honestly, I think the only reasons she is famous are autotune since she cant sing for shit. and sexual appeal, if she didn’t make it big in the music industry she would probably be just as famous as any porn star. She has the brain of one already >.>

  9. dude fuck yea! katy perry is horrible!! she has a song that goes “show me your peacock cock cock your peacock” as a chorus. out of all the annoying unoriginal sell outs out, she might be my least favorite. but radio music has gone to that anyway so fuck it. her cover of electric feel kinda makes me forget about that stuff. ha i like it. and russel brand’s way too cool for her. i fuckin nailed that shit.

  10. You wrote that her career would be over in one or two years in 2010. And look where she is now. LOLOLOL

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