One comment on “Never Dine At Elmo In NYC: Friend Gets Food Poisoning!

  1. You’re incredibly tolerant. If a waiter doesn’t greet me within 7 minutes of me sitting down, I walk out. If they disappear and I’m left without a drink or any food, I will talk to the manager letting them know I’m leaving, then walk out. There is no need to stay around and wait for bad service.

    Discriminating against your customers is a very disgusting thing to do, considering they are the ones that provide 70% of your paycheck (if not more).

    As for your friend, have her file a complaint with the local restaurant health inspector/code enforcement division. That is unacceptable from any restaurant, whether it’s Taco Bell or a 5-star. Something mixed with something or wasn’t cooked right, and they need to know. Best of luck.

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