3 comments on “My Letter to Hope College Dean of Students Richard Frost

  1. Hey, just to let you know I am one of those students stranded at this awful college and preparing to transfer. Hope is not a liberal arts school: It is a matriculate to “do your work, plug in your thinking, and get the grade and get out” kind of school. The mission statement clearly states that they “emphasize openness and freedom”, and most of the student body is totally ok with having him come to speak. That is not to say that many of them believe that homosexuality is ok, and I respect their views despite my fervent belief that they are only based in ignorance on the issue, but how do you REALLY know what your viewpoints are if you are never exposed to another side to things?
    Also, Dustin Lance Black is totally all about reconciling the church community and the gay community, so “polarizing” and “too opinionated” don’t even apply to him. I respect the college’s position on homosexuality as they are a private college, but I DO NOT respect their banning of another side. The college is already polarized against homosexuality in many ways, so Mr. Black’s appearance would only serve to help balance that seesaw.

  2. I forgot to thank you for writing that letter. You have no idea how much we Hopers who are severely disappointed in this administrative decision apppreciate it.

  3. Sierra, thanks so much for the kind words. I am so sorry that students at this ‘private’ university are put under such horrible demands and expectations.

    ‘Private’ school shouldn’t mean living under an authoritarian dictatorship. This isn’t nazi Germany.

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