2 comments on “Glenn Beck Is A Complete Moron

    • I have a few problems with your judgements about Glenn Beck.

      First, not once does Glenn Beck say in this video, or ever for that matter, that he wishes we could go back to a time of segregation. He is clearly crying because he feels America has lost its way and doesn’t maintain accountability or personal reposibility for its actions anymore. Whether you agree with that or not is irrelevant. But to assert that he is crying “because he can’t go back to a time where Americans were segregated,” is unfounded and irresponsible to say, which ironically, necessarily supports the point I belive he was trying to make.

      Secondly, the comment that Glenn Beck made that caused 33 major sponsors to cease sponsorship of his TV-program was, “Barack Obama is a “racist” who has a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Why does this comment make him a racist? Because he accuses someone else of being racist? If this is your reasoning, then by your own logic, John, you are a racist too, for believing Glenn Beck is a racist. It’s just downright hypocritical. Or, however, does Beck’s comment make him a racist because the person he is accusing of racism happens to be black? If this is your reason, then that necessarily proves the existence of a double standard, that only white people can be deemed to be “racist.” In my opinion, a double standard can be argued as being prejudicial and hypocritical. Whatever the reasoning for thinking Glenn Beck is a racist in regard to his comment, it is misguided and, again, part of the problem that exists in today’s society.

      Finally, mocking someone because of showing passion about the current state of the country in which he lives is juvenile. If you believe that crying is a sign of someone who is “psychologically unstable,” then I’m sorry for you.

      “Fox “News” truly brings the LOLs!” — Yeah, they also bring the ratings and the majority of America along with them. Oh and by the way, those major sponsors that aren’t sponsoring Glenn Beck’s show anymore, are still sponsoring Fox News, just during different time slots. If you truly thought those sponsors really care about his comment, then you’re just flat-out naive. Clearly, you were fooled by those sponsors’ lack of sincerity, which doesn’t surprise me.

      Oh, and ghettoblackify, whatever the hell that name could possibly even mean, thanks for supporting your obviously well-thought, analytical input.

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