4 comments on “Serena Williams To Explain Her Meltdown to International Tennis Federation

  1. Serena should be suspended, pay a heavy fine, and perform some sort of significant community service. With that sort of activity, she has no business being a role model for children or anyone else.

  2. ‘To err is human’…She is and will always be a role model, especially in tennis and to young African Americans, whether you like it or not. She made a bad error in judgement in a heated moment, she will have to suffer the consequences, and she will move on.

    Serena and others can and will learn from this experience. She didn’t go on a five-minute tirade. Her behavior was inapproriate, and her language was vulgar.

    But…she didn’t hit the linesperson nor did she murder anyone. It just isn’t that serious to me.

  3. Serena’s a cash cow and any consequences will be a small fraction of what she deserves. It’s always about money.

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