35 comments on “David Archuleta Sings At the U.S. Open!

  1. “Of course, it was the most beautiful rendition of the song that has ever been sung.” <— I agree 200% !!! Anyone who say otherwise is either deaf or doesn't know how real music is supposed to sound like. 🙂

  2. He is so beautiful!! Loved this performance. He had me in tears. Like always!! He sure knows how to melt someone’s heart.

  3. I AGREE!!

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  5. If ever there was meant to be someone to sing patriotic songs, it’s David. His performance, as usual, was awe inspiring.

  6. He was brilliant, loved the soulful vibe to his rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

  7. absolutely, he is the greatest singer in the history of music! this was beautiful, David is beautiful, America is beautiful when David sings!

  8. what a superb and excellent rendition of atb…i agree with you, this is the best atb that have been sung so far…so heartfelt and sincere that it brought me to tears…so lovely!!!!

    simple but elegant i must say and oh, he looks so gorgeous too…that’s a bonus!

  9. lolol – you so crazy john! david turned in another bravura performance in a growing resume of bravura performances at events like this… as outstanding as this performance was, he hasn’t begun to hit his stride yet… keep that tongue planted firmly in your cheek, cause a few years down the road, you just may write those words and mean them, hahahah.


  10. A FABULOUS rendition of a beautiful song by a gorgeous, wonderful human being! Loved it! Love David! I will be his biggest fan from now until FOREVER.

  11. What a beautiful and awe-inspiring rendition of ATB by the amazingly gifted, beautiful person (inside and out)…Mr. David Archuleta. No over-singing, no over-the-top background music and yet the song came out as it should: heartfelt and touching and had a genuinely patriotic essence. Thanks, David! I am looking forward to hear your Christmas CD.

  12. Loved it!!!! He gave me chills as I watched him sing this. David just has the way of touching people with his music. It was so heartfelt. I can’t wait for his Christmas CD. It is going to be amazing!!!!!

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous rendition of American The Beautiful by the gorgeous inside and out David Archuleta! He is an amazing talent!!!!!!

  14. GGdoorsfan makes a very good point John! Besides, I can tell you must admire David, given the fact you’ve posted this blog and the video. There are not many artists out there who can be called upon to deliver such stellar performances, and even fewer who can be entrusted with patriotic songs. Give in to the power of The Archuleta. It’s an irresistible force!

  15. That was really good…I didn’t even want to comment because I know what it’s going to turn into. But, this is the most beautiful version that has ever been sung? Are we joking? It was great but Jesus.

    And @lian – “the greatest singer in the history of music?” There’s something wrong with you if you believe that.

    Alright let’s go, I’m ready to get ripped apart! Let’s see what you got David Archie fans!!

  16. Wow, I won’t even comment on what Johnny Coooper above said! David did a wonderful job singing America The Beautiful! He sang it beautifully and looked stunning! What a wonderful talent David is!! There aren’t many people who could sing America The Beautiful as well as he did, with so much emotion and effect so many people! David Archuleta you are the best!!!!!

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  18. this guy can siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! not only that, but he’s handsome, has a great work ethic and appears to be very grounded – not your usual celebrity. i see a very bright and successful future for him in pop music. it’s about time truly gifted and talented singers were given the spotlight, and their due – well done david archuleta.

  19. 29/ no one is gonna rip you apart johnny cooper – most of us recognize snark, and tongue in cheek comments when we see them – and we can have a laugh at them just like everyone else…fans can possess common sense, and discernment. well, this one can, hahahha.

    we just stand behind david in all he does, and are amazed each time he delivers performances like this that continue to silence those detractors who were oh so short sighted, and quick to write him off on idol, and afterwards. he is growing into his talent, as well as the promise and potential we saw all along. those that continue to poke little jabs here and there are welcome to continue doing so, but no one sells david like david sells himself – and i’d bet those detractors are even beginning to admit there is more depth and talent in him than idol and the media have tried to present.

    david continues to put up, and one by one, critics and detractors shut up. that’s how it should be, n’est pas? 😀

  20. That was an absolutely amazing performance!Just when I think he couldnt get any better! He is truly one of a kind . I love his tweet on 9/11. Listening through America The Beautiful since I’m singing it at the US Open this weekend. Reflecting on its meaning especially on this day.
    This is what makes him so good! He feels the meaning and emotion in each song- we feel it too David!

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