12 comments on “Serena Williams Cusses Out Line Judge – Loses Semifinal

  1. the penalty was rediculous. i am surprised the sisters have kept their cool this long against some bad calls in the past. and where was the outrage by sportscasters when the obvious bad calls happened.

    Serena has broken every record and won everything and no sports announcer can bring themselves to give them credit, especially american sportscasters like mary carillo.

    Hang in there serena. you got plenty of fans and support out here.

  2. Very disappointed with Serena. She now represents what true unsportsmanlike conduct represents. I think she should also be fined or sanctioned. She threatened the line official.

  3. It is a pity that we can’t have a professional game here. Instead we have a petty call that is so outrageously wrong that it can’t be an accident. And then we are to act surprised when the outrage lights somebody’s fuse and they explode. How about hiring a competent line judge? Or at least an honest one? You can’t expect the public to understand the anger unleashed here; the majority of people lack neither the drive nor committment to work themselves up to this level. Having no vested interest in striving they can easily chuck an entier career over a string of cuss words. And the Asian who provoked the incident gets what she wants: making someone look bad while coming out smelling like a rosy little Asian goody two shoes. Oh we forget, it is politically incorrect to be critical of 90 pound Asian women. They can be hired to do any job and not even be required to speak English. Job performance aparantly is not a relevant factor.

  4. Well all i have to say is way to go US open staffing. You managed to play into several potent stereotypes, you hired a small Asian woman with glasses for a line judge position. Are you putting a subliminal joke in here or are you actually this oblivious to modern day stereotypes? I honestly had to laugh when I saw this video for the first time. Who is this line judge to decide a match on such a controversial call like this. It wasn’t a foot fault I’ll tell you that and you cannot let technicalities decide a match. Let the players play for god sakes.

  5. The Line Judge Called it as she saw it.

    I do believe it was a bad time for the call, but we can’t have judges making decisions of when its good or not to make a call that they see. We want to call it like they see ’em.

    Just like we can’t not have players intimidating Judges on the calls they make. Man….Even I was scared!

    All Sereena had to do was to say, “…I protest that call….. let me see the replay.”

    Instead, she went into that terrible tantrum. She is a great player, but that was terrible sportsmanship!

  6. to every one who criticize the line judge, do you guys know what class is? Do you guys know what respect is. No matter what the call is, serena lost her cool and lost basic respect in front of national TV, totally uncalled for.

    What does being stereotypical have anything to do with anything. Glasses OK, but why bring the asian into the factor. She is just doing her job. Just because it is close to a match point doesnt meant a judge shouldn’t do her job, or “hold back” because it is a critical juncture of a game. Please grow up and learn what sports is all about.

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