25 comments on “Send a Text Message to Another Planet!

  1. Earth sends you a message of peace. We’re down by that star with nine planets around it, third one down. If you’ve figured out how to do nuclear fusion, you could really help us out of a jam. Thanks.

  2. The project may not be able to fund translators for the different languages that they would receive, making it impossible to screen messages. It’s less arrogance, more practicality. These messages, as you show, are available for others to read, thus screening would be necessary.

    Not everything is about Americans feeling superior. Most Americans don’t even know what the word “superior” means.

      • lol..that’s true… how could Americans have a sense of ‘superiority’ when they aren’t even aware of the existence of other countries!

  3. The Gospel
    the words of the Gospel are unique, fascinating and unambiguous.
    They can be translated into life.
    they are light for every person who comes into this world and therefore universal.

  4. I’d Like To Go Back To The 1990’s: Ask The Know-Deceased Katherine Graham, (Washington Post); The ‘Then ‘ Portuguese Ambassador’s Wife, And Sarah (Apple-Turnover) Ferguson, Why They “Felt I Necessary” To Lead-On [Set-Up], Diana Spencer…An Event That Led To Her ‘Elimination’. Oh Forgive Me I Met ACCIDENT! “That’s Right I Said It.” This Action Reminds Me That There Truly Are DANGEROUS People, Walking The Planet. I Have NO FEAR Of People Like These, I Only LAUGH At Them. They Are ‘Prime’ Speciman’s To Be Sent To Other Planets…After Not Having The Right To Live Here.

  5. That text literally made me LOL.

    In regards to the language part, I think it’s more an issue of practicality than anything else. If the messages are available to be read by others it makes sense that they chose a single language so they could A-screen and B-share the messages. If the designers of the website speak english it would make the most sense for them to make their website in english.

  6. Don’t know about that. Aliens have the same chance of deciphering English when compared to, say, French or German. Might be even more difficult in Chinese characters because there are so many 0_0

    If we want to show them we’re intelligent, beam over some math sequences…

  7. Of COURSE all aliens speak english, haven’t you ever seen Star Trek?

    But seriously, maybe it’s to make t easier for aliens to translate? Sending them messages in 300+ languages could muddy the waters a bit…

  8. at the base tier of implementation, the short message service “text message” gateway does not support the full iso-9660 character set, ergo, you require in english to avoid umlaut characters, beta, tilde-consonants, and cyrillic/greek characters. This might be different in locals that have unique configurations, but for the vast majority of us, it’s probably best to require all posts use one character set, preferably a nominal one, so all text can be sent using the same unified standard.

    as english has a very small ansi character set (a-z, A-Z, 1-0, and basic numeric operands), it’s not a bad choice

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  10. look thios is how it is,, if ur going to come over to earth wipe out everyone that doesnt speak englishh n i got ur back 🙂

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