One comment on “Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ Album Gets Artwork

  1. Madonna the immaculate collection (first greatest hits)

    01 Holiday
    02 Lucky star
    03 borderline
    04 Like a Virgin
    05 Material girl
    06 Crazy for You
    07 Into the Groove
    08 Live To tell
    09 Papa don’t Preach
    10 Open Your Heart
    11 La Isla Bonita
    12 Like a Prayer
    13 Express Yourself
    14 Cherish
    15 Vogue
    16 Justify My Love (Previously Unreleased)
    17 Rescue Me (Previously Unreleased)

    Additionnal companion with “The Holiday Collection”.

    01 Holiday
    02 True Blue
    03 Who’s That Girl
    04 Causing A Commotion

    Madonna Something To Remember (Second Greatest Hits)

    01 I Want You (Unreleased Song)
    02 I’ll Remember
    03 Take a Bow
    04 You’ll See (Unreleased Song)
    05 Crazy for You
    06 This Used To Be My Playground
    07 Live To tell
    08 Love don’t live Here Anymore
    09 Something To remember
    10 Forbidden Love
    11 One More Chance (Unreleased Song)
    12 Rain
    13 Oh Father
    14 I Want You (Orchestral Unreleased Song)

    Madonna GHV2 (Third Greatest Hits)
    01 Deeper And Deeper
    02 Erotica
    03 Human Nature
    04 Secret
    05 Don’t Cry for me Argentina
    06 Bedtime Story
    07 The Power Of good-bye
    08 Beautiful Stranger
    09 Frozen
    10 Take a Bow
    11 Ray Of Light
    12 Don’t tell me
    13 What It Feels Like for a girl
    14 Drowned World/Substitute for Love
    15 Music

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