4 comments on “My Wimbledon 2009 Predictions

  1. You may be right on the women’s draw but after the French Open in his bag Federer would be pretty unstoppable at Wimbledon and at the US Open as well. By his standards last year was a very bad season and the drubbing he got in Paris led to his undoing especially in Melbourne if not so much at Wimbledon. There is no one at this moment apart from Federer who can say that he’s been in the finals of the last four Grand Slams and won two out of them.

    • 3 out of 4 for the mens semis, not bad!

      and you got the williams sisters right, but will Serena beat Dementieva today, and will Venus maintain her consistency today?

  2. Yes, they will both win today, easily.

    I just found out that Haas beat Djokovic last month in Halle Germany for the title! If I had known that, I would have definitely put Haas in the quarters, semis, and even beating Roddick, but I’ll stick to my guns with Roddick. He needs the encouragement!

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