5 comments on “A Serial Killer Is Following Me On Twitter

  1. Do you really think it’s him? I’m not sure how readily he’d have computer access in prison… Also, there seems to be several ‘Charles Manson’ twitter accounts.

  2. He started following me too, and I blocked him. I highly doubt it’s the real Charles Manson but the idea of someone making a Twitter account in his guise is pretty creepy in its own rite. Needless to say, I blocked him.

  3. I mentioned him in a tweet recently as well and he started following me today. The updates are psychedelic enough for it to be him. I think they do have computer access in prisons now, because you can send emails to prisoners etc. My first reaction was to block him, but I then decided against it. What can he do?

  4. Does this disturb you?
    There is the concern about a person taking on someone else’s identity and the influence could have on younger people using twitter or if this is Charles Manson why he would brag in the face of the jail system about using a phone or blackberry!

    Search for the following by putting it in a Google search-
    Charles manson fake or real could be intimidating and bullying venerable tweeters

  5. He started following me this morning after i posted a video of him yesterday. Don’t think it really him, but either way i dont have a problem with it.

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