One comment on “You Need to See the Movie “Jesus Camp” Right Now

  1. Yeah, I’m a Christian, but I can understand the way you feel about this. Being someone who doesn’t believe in Christianity, Christian doctrine, and all that sort of stuff, it’s a sure thing that you’d be annoyed by the way Christians try to teach their children to stand for Christ at a young age. But there’s NOTHING wrong with parents teaching their kids what they believe is right and wrong, especially at a young age! When these kids are teens and adults, there’s a significantly lessened chance of reaching out to them…they’re already doing their own thing, going down their own path. And yes, Christians shouldn’t vote for Christians that just talk it–they SHOULD vote for Christians who believe as they believe, and follow the tenants of Christianity. Finally, you seem like someone who hates Christianity, and you’re not the only one. However, rolling your eyes and getting annoyed at even the humming of a Christian song, thats too far, man. You may not agree with what I believe, but don’t HATE us. Christianity is a religion too, and not to “impose my beliefs on you” or anything (lol), but our way is the truth.

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