3 comments on “Giampaolo Makes A Very Bad Decision

  1. I dunno about that. I haven’t see the blue screen since Windows 98. I don’t even think it exists the computer just dies now. It makes it simple. Work or die. Its good times with Windows but their marketing is working. They are letting the public know their computers are faster, with more storage, and more RAM than an Apple at an affordable cost. Instead of paying back $1000s on a computer that can barely use half the web applications found online he’ll spend around $700 or less on a laptop that offers everything an Apple can. With Apple you pay for the look not the internal workings. Something Apple skimps on and thats why you always see them recommending external hard drives. I don’t hate on Apple they just seem to bring their look up to date instead of whats inside thats pretty key to computer performance.

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