12 comments on “Robert Pattinson Is a Scum Bucket – He Says So HIMSELF!

  1. I knw rob said hs dirty so i mean its hs lyf nt urz he cn do wateva he pleases nd it stl wnt concern u so y dnt u gt a lyf huny than u cn write bwt others

    Hey Rob, I doubt you read these, but if you do, and if you wanna meet REAL people, email me at feldman_1 at yahoo dot com. We should get to know each other. I think that the fact that hes messy is actually cute, the fact that he isnt like the other namby pamby baby whiner pussy-footy “I dont wanna get dirty” actors, is great… He is so NORMAL compared to the other actors around his age. I would love to get to know him. If he is looking for a soulmate, he aint gonna find it in hollywood, or even in the hollywood scene. Like I said, Im real, and even kinda messy too. I sleep with my dogs, I go camping, and I get dirty, I play mud football in the backyard, and I also enjoy just sitting at home with a good book, or watching a good movie, its a lot more intimate than going out to the bar scene. Hey Rob, you should check out napa california if you want a nice small town to live in… although, Im sure your hometown is better than the states… Anyway, give the poor guy a break… He’s just unorganized, and a little sloppy… You wouldnt say that to yourself if you knew you were that way, so why say it to him? Anyway, Love ya Rob, good luck with your future…

  3. Robert you are an amazing actor and your so HOT it doesnt matter if you dont wash you hair or whatever because ever girl in the world want to hook up with you including me.

  4. Sounds like me Lol but i wash my hair but i’m messy and i just don’t care people think wat they want and i still don’t care and hell life isn’t about cleaning and being proper …. It’s about love and freedom do wat you want

  5. Sounds like me Lol but i wash my hair but i’m messy and i just don’t care people think wat they want and i still don’t care and hell life isn’t about cleaning and being proper …. It’s about love and freedom do wat you want ….. Go get drunk and eat wat you want trash your place who care’s enjoy life ….. Hello people we live once just chill

  6. at least there are some people who aren’t so obsesseed with trying to feel better about themselves by spreading rumors about other people. i love rob and i think that rebecca is right this world is filled with REAL people and i also agree that he is more normal than most actord his age. Why should he have to act as if he is 60 he is only in his early 20’s foe gods sakes. you only get 1 life why waste it trying to actr as if you are middle aged. Don’t take life so serously you will regret it otherwise and it will be too late.

    OMG listent to me i am talking as if i am middle aged :L lmfao

  7. Okay, who gives a flying F*** if he washes his hair? No one!! He’s still F***ing hot as hell! And the guy who wrote this is probably just jealous.
    Get over the fact you’ll never be like Rob, johnthrasher. Nobody gives two sh*ts what you have to say. Stop trying to make girls not want him so maybe, JUST MAYBE, you might get some p**sy.


  8. I LOVEE ROBB hehe

    So Firggin Whatt If Wantss Too Be Smelly, Everyonee Is Smelly So Get Over Youselvesss!!!
    Justt Don’t Be Jealouss Of His Fit Hair

    Thanksss Bye xx

  9. haha this page is great. I don’t necessarily hate Rob, I find it dumb for me to waste energy hating people (you do whatever you want man, I enjoy reading this stuff!), but I do not think he is hot, I’ve always thought he looked sloppy and grungy. Even before Twilight. You know, if he wants to look that way fine whatever, he’s rich and crazed nut headed unrealistic fans love him, but it’s only gonna attract sloppy and grungy girls in real life if anybody wanted to be married for a lifetime to this punk. That’s not a hot or good thing to be… being that sloppy can get you sick if you don’t take proper care of yourself and your surroundings. It’s really just disgusting and unhealthy. There is a REASON we don’t like what we call “stink”, it’s because it is generally NOT good.
    You know it’s the same way in africa, there are people who actually CAN’T wash their hair, or their hands and bodies, and they get all sorts of nasty illnesses and DIE. So it’s really pretty dimwitted of Sir Patty Pants to be saying “uhh I don’t see the point in washing my hair der der der”

  10. OOOOH dear Rob; I don’t know what should I say.No matter how ever I’m your LOVING FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOO I’m crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

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