23 comments on “Robert Pattinson Grosses Us Out on the Cover of GQ

  1. yeah the real rob is kinda greasy… but Edward is neat and clean… so no he wasn’t nearly this funked out in twilight… but we love his funkiness.

  2. You wish he was gross!All the girls are head over heels for him cause he is super hot! Making husbands and every other guy out other JEALOUS!!!!!!!

  3. clearly you are jealous that you don’t have 3 million people around the world clamoring for your naked self

    it’s okay. not everyone can be a sex symbol like rob.

  4. Here is your hate mail per your request.
    John Thrasher, what do you look like? I bet on your best, just-got-out-of-the-shower, went to have your ghey hair styled, and then your mani/pedi, you wouldn’t look as good as Rob does after an all-night bender. This man is hot for more reasons than his looks. Not only is he gorgeous (love you-dirty Rob), he is an incredible musician and an amazing actor. If you really want to know what makes him “so hot”, take a page out of his book and be a little more humble and down to earth. Jealousy does not become you Johnny.

  5. John I think its perfect. and Rob Pattinson is just gross. There is an insane amount of people down here that are totally obsessed with him as “Edward” because of the love story behind it and blahdeblah. I’d like to bring to the attention of thousands that he’s playing a fictional vampire. And quite poorly actually. But I think its a waste of my time because he’s like the Jonas brothers for 12-25 year old females. Can’t explain the guys though.

  6. No way -Bebe- obviously you havent read the books because he plays a perfectly HOT vampire. So do your reading n then yap about it alright!and FYI not only teenager are in love w him!

  7. Oh, why not…. I’ll stoop just this once…

    First of all, Bebe, the Jonas Brothers really don’t have a thing to do with this article. However, nice call…add up a few more page hits for our friend John. *eye roll* I’m an “older” fan, and I can appreciate both the Jonas Brothers and Robert Pattinson. I’m sorry if I don’t fit into your stereotype, but art has no age limit…whether it be music or acting in this particular case. I am not delusional, and I am very aware that Edward Cullen is a fictional character. Some of us are just actually able to appreciate a person who quite frankly doesn’t give a flying fart in space what anyone really thinks. Robert is who he is, and if the man wants to be dirty….it’s his prerogative. He’s a multi-talented person, and honestly he looks pretty darn good doing what he does. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have work to do. Have a nice day everyone.

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  10. You know…. I hear a lot that Edward/Robby Patty makes husbands/other dudes jealous… well ladies, here’s a thought for you:

    You know those super models out there? It’s kind of died out these days, but it is around some, and it used to be a lot. There has been that “standard” for how girls should look – big boobs, tiny waist, sexy hips, long legs, perfect complexion, long eyelashes, all that junk that most girls don’t have all of. We hate it, right? We hate it when guys set a standard on how we girls should look.
    So how do you think, now that Edward is Mr. Perfect Hott Stuff that every girl wants to marry and be with for happily ever after, how do you think the men out in the world feel? A lot of men hate him, just like a lot of girls hate super models. It’s not fair one bit, it’s actually pretty mean, to set a standard on how guys should be when we hate it ourselves (you might not admit it, but you know it’s annoying) when the rest of the world sets a standard for YOU.
    Just throwing that out there..

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