10 comments on “David Cook Stole My Look!

  1. Yes. Clearly Guam and New Zealand are poverty-stricken third world countries. Do some research before you spout off your ignorant ass comments.

  2. Yeah it’s a bit nipply here. But I fail to see how that makes you any less of an ass for saying that.

    Btw, Cook does it better =)

  3. Time of my life is No. 1 on the AC chart for the past 28 weeks. that’s right 28 weeks. so get your fact straight.

  4. So Johnny Cooper, I actually went to Youtube and listened to some videos of “Johnny Cooper” and I like him, he’s really good acoustically. I was impressed and he looks so young but very talented. Now, I’m also a David Cook fan, love his rich vocals. You should check him out singing live acoustic. Anyways, thanks for tweaking my interest on the Cooper guy.

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