4 comments on “My Grammy Predictions

  1. hmm interesting picks…I don’t see Radiohead beating Coldplay out in the Best Rock Performance category but there is potential for Album of the Year. And also I can’t imagine Apologize not winning for best Pop Performance by a duo/group. That song was HUGE this year. Why is Beyonce nominated for Me Myself and I?

  2. i hope the judges don’t overlook duffy for both best new artist and best pop vocal album. Her album is stronger than adeles, far more emotion, and her voice is more unique. Her sales are far stronger aswell. Leona’s voice is great, but her album lacks the emotion, its just a bunch of average pop songs written for her. Duffys is much more real. Kings of leon should win best rock album, but i’d be happy with coldplay. And i want hot chip to win best dance recording, that song is brilliant. Best song should go to coldplay. Album of the year will no doubt go to lil wayne.

  3. Best New Artist
    Jonas Brothers
    Lady Antebellum
    Jazmine Sullivan

    I’m praying for the Jonas Brothers, but then again, it’s always one of the lesser known folk.

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