3 comments on “A Hilarious Message from Chris Crocker

  1. To my Dear Bright Grand Nephew John,
    I’m surprised you waste your time watching a video like this.
    Having it as part of your page distracts from the credibility of your blog… and now that you have thousands of people viewing, it’s not just an “outlet” for you anymore but an opportunity to educate and enlighten.
    This man (who seems drunk on something and incoherent), is not the character building type with whom many would want to associate, even if it is just watching his sick video.
    Yes, you are certainly entitled to do whatever you want; I am merely supplying (unsolicited) guidance. I suggest sticking with your good character building friends of which you have many and forgetting about the shock factor for your blog.
    Aunt Chere

  2. HAHAHA! Aunt Chere, please note the caption I wrote under the video that implies that Chris Crocker is insane. He gets about 2,000,000 views per video, and he is advocating the same candidate I have.

    I can’t be serious 100% of the time, so this video is for those looking for a laugh at someone. The sad thing is, he probably isn’t on anything…this is how this poor soul lives! HAHAHA!

    Thank you for your concern, but I am well!

    Love you Madly,
    Johnny V

  3. You are the joy of my life, John. Just looking after you like a doting auntie.

    I guess my sense of humor is lacking today; couldn’t find it with this pathetic guy. I would say he’s huffing… poor pitiful thing.

    Obama might want to pay him to remove this vid 🙂

    Love you so much,

    Aunt Chere

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