10 comments on “Cumberland Goes to War!

  1. How can you try to recreate the passion between the two people in the original photograph? Such passion will never be found unless you are away from home for a substantial amount of time, with the fear of loosing you life and missing your family all while knowing that you are doing the right thing by putting your country first.
    With that said; I feel that the second photo taken is very well done and we should take it for what it is…to honor veterans by remembering the world famous first photo taken on August 14, 1945.
    I showed the new picture to my 92 year old grandfather who started right in on where he was when he first saw that famous picture…”Kissing the War Goodbye”…
    So instead of being a critic of your hometown you should have pride in it, that someone had the vision and initiative to recreate such a monumental moment in our great nations history!

  2. the photo you are ripping apart is a clearly staged, but well photographed, piece of marketing. fine. that’s how cumberland rolls. however, your choice of mr. dewitt as the poster child for “self-proclaimed artsy fartsy photographers” in cumberland is far from accurate. (what was that your mama taught you?) i venture to say that Ed has more respect for history and nostalgia than you, and if you actually read the statement to which you linked, it is very modest and does not have an air of “artsy fartsy” at all. (at least not Ed’s portion) and while you’re at it, why not link to an article that’s not two years old? his most recent documentary-style photos of the demolition of beall high are full of the “style and professionalism” that you can’t seem to find elsewhere. perhaps you should check them out. no arts or farts. i promise.

  3. How am I ripping this photo apart!? I agree with the photography (save the band-aids) and marketing! Look what it’s done just on my blog! Further, BT, you don’t know me (or do you!?) so to compare my thoughts on art history and nostalgia is unfair. Talk to me about my trip to Italy this summer and the art I experienced and then we’ll talk about nostalgia!

    Can you link me to the Beall High School demolition, I’ve heard a lot about it.

  4. I’m not trying to engage in blog wars, here…I was only defending Edward, and since you changed your words and link, I have no reason to argue. But if we’re playing art history wars, I think my MA can hold up against your trip to Italy. 😉

    The Beall High photos were at Arteco gallery. Alas, their website doesn’t have photos up, except for the exhibition postcard.

  5. This blog is not about bashing Cumberland or about a disrespect for the author’s hometown. This is merely a critique, not only of the photo (which if the photographer so claims to be an artist, he should gladly welcome), but of the community from which it hails. Anyone who has grown up or lived in Cumberland has done their fair share of bashing the place. But nonetheless it holds a place of ‘nostalgia’ for each of us because it consumed a part of our lives.

    Any artist in this world knows that to truly create great art, you have to live. I think John’s assessment that perhaps ‘artists’ in Cumberland become complacent and therefore are not performing to their highest abilities yet still receiving praise for their mediocre productions, is completely accurate. Outside of the area many of the local artists would be laughed out of the gallery or off the stage or what have you. And is it really fair to the artists to build them up to some status that is the area living in a time capsule of denial?

    In response to Gina, that kind of passion while cannot ever be faked within, can be faked within a photograph. Actors do it all over the world every single day and we watch them and believe it.

    In response to BT, unless of course you are Mr. Dewitt posing as someone else to praise yourself, then your MA does not support your argument comparing John’s knowledge or respect with that of Mr. Dewitt. And if, in fact, Mr. Dewitt is the up-standing artist that you claim, he should well be prepared to hear the negative comments along with the positive. Or has the Cumberland area built him up to a level where he can do no wrong?

  6. Your remark concerning the “self proclaimed artsy fartsy” is priceless. The kid in the photo and the one taking the photo are out of control and always throwing their work or lack there of in other people’s faces. The fact that they don’t understand that no one cares about their art work or anything else they do is the sad part, and the fact that these people get on here and defend them is even more pathetic. You really didn’t even nail them as bad as you could have. Edward makes about 15 bulletins a day and his most recent was involved in trashing you. It was very refreshing to read your blog and your remark calling out the local idiots that think they run the area because of their pretentious beliefs and actions.

  7. In response to Jamal’s comment… interesting that you criticize Mr. DeWitt and seem to have something against him (jealousy perhaps?) but yet you must be on his friends list to know how many bulletins he posts a day, not only that but you care enough to click on them and read them. As a graduate of Beall, I appreciate Mr. DeWitt’s photographs (“Last Days of Beall High School”) and was thrilled that someone took the initiative to commemorate such an event and document the end of what, for some of us, were the best days of our lives.

  8. In respones to Amanda’s comment…I care enough to enjoy the perspective of an outside individual who wrote this initial article that we are all responding to. His insight about “Mr. Dewitt” was very truthful and refreshing. This whole situation was brought to my attention by a friend on “Edwards” list, and I found it all histarical. The author of this website was simply expressing his opinion. Unfortunatly, for “Mr. Dewitt” and all of his followers, the truth is very painful and reading it from an outsiders perspective is always crushing to ones self-esteem. This authors original article was very insightful and well represented how embarassing the picture really was. The filth of the Cumberland mall was also well represented in the picture. No personal attacks here, just straight truthiness.

  9. And to Rachel’s comment, the Cumberland / Frostburg area has built him up to where he can do no wrong. You couldn’t have nailed it any better on that one.

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