2 comments on “The Power of Palin

  1. Eh, I don’t think that as an actual candidate, though, that she did very well. Judging by the very low precedent that she set for herself, she did do well, but compared to Bidden, she knew comparatively little. She frequently avoided questions, and rarely responded substantively to Bidden’s charges.

  2. Let me just say nice blog to start off. However, I feel like I heard most of that on the post-debate coverage. I came in to this debate not really knowing to much about either of them, other than what I’ve seen on SNL and in the media. And although I don’t necessarily agree with all of Palin’s views, I do believe that she did a really great job as well. I actually felt bad for her. People have been so hard on her because she’s such an easy target. I think she gets it more than any other politician. Well, with the exception of Bush. I know I’m getting sucked into her “likability.” I just think people need to be a little more respectful. Not you in particular, just in general. I completely agree with your blog by the way. I wish I could give you myspace kudos. Even with your unnecessary picture haha.

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