One comment on “Superstar!

  1. This song is pitchy and not a good choice for Ellen’s show. He should have picked something upbeat, presented without the silly moves he displayed on Idol. Danny has rhythm but is drastically in need of dance coaching if he wants to move on in this field.
    Danny’s personality is a little too flip to appeal to the masses. He needs to adjust this if he wants to move on (more coaching). He also needs to close his mouth instead of wearing the perpetual “catching flies” mouth breather look which is very unattractive. I doubt, however, Danny’s attitude is open to any sort of corrective criticism or coaching and Danny will simply become yet another forgettable Idol wannabe.
    I was glad when he was voted off. He irritates me.
    John’s *great-aunt Chere
    (“*great” as in one generation older than an aunt – John’s father is my nephew).

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