One comment on “The Chamber of Secrets Is In Martin’s Supermarket

  1. Hi John,
    I’m one of those dwarf cart affectionados as well. The NEW IMPROVED Martins in Braddock Square (No built in Chamber of Secrets), has tons of ’em.
    If you must go to Martins downtown Cumberland, you may have to fight a homeless person for ANY cart but I usually get one from the buggy depot in the parking lot (as there are never any in the store) or accost someone who has just loaded their trunk.
    Yes, dwarf carts rawk!
    But I’m thinking you’re probably talking about Mo’town in which case these tips don’t apply (except for securing one in the parking lot… that might work.)
    Happy grocery shopping, my dear Grand Nephew… you ARE grand, Johnny 5!
    Love, Aunt Chere

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