3 comments on “Fads That Shouldn’t Be

  1. i have a livestrong bracelet. a friend gave it to me. i thought it was a good cause. but i agree with you that too many people are wearing them just because it is the apparent “cool” thing to do. on occasion, when someone asks me what its for, i say “you know, im not sure, i just wear it cos everyone else does” its getting way outta control. they are apparently making similar bracelets relating to breast cancer research. *shrug*
    also agree on the voting deal. people dont care about politics til its election time. they dont follow campaigns til around september. blahhh.

    oh yeah, by the way, this post was made me the one, the only, the ever wonderful…jessica loibel. yeah you were expecting someone cooler with that intro werent ya? eh sorry bout your luck! 😛

  2. Hey. I know what u mean about the bracelets. I go to AC n see soo many of them its not even funny.. But I do have a Breast Cancer bracelet.. My aunt bought it for me since its runs in my family. I dont wear it but I put in on my purse.. like u said I dont think anyone really understands what its for. i mean buying them off ebay wont give the fountation any extra money.. I got my Breast cancer awareness bracelet from Avon which I know gives the money to the foundations.

    This is Beth Hixenbaugh.. Just thought Id let u know..

  3. Haha, John, I luv you man! Yeah I agree that it’s a fad but I have a couple family members who has cancer so that’s why I have one and I know a person who lives a couple doors down from me that has one b/c she had a family member who had cancer. Just to let u know, not it’s the pink breast cancer bracelets, which I as well as my boyfriend you “dislike”, haha, will be having one b/c of breast cancer in the family. But again, I agree with this fad talk and the others you’ve posted.

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