2 comments on “The Freezing Weather Depresses Me

  1. Yeah, I feel you. The weather here is unbelievably cool-kinda like early fall.

    Anyways, the stuff you were talking about how much you missed high school is kinda the way I’ve been feeling. I had a horrible four years at my school and I thought that getting out was the only thing that would make me happy. And for awhile it did, but high school is kinda like a “safety net”…you don’t have to worry as much about anything and you don’t feel as though you have to make life-changing decisions (which is somewhat like you were saying in your post). It was nice in that sense but also very restricting so that’s why I’m looking forward to college.

    I know I’ll have so much more free time for myself and not having to worry about the little things I used to have to do. I can do pretty much whatever I want and that’s the kind of thing you have to look forward to and compare to the past.

    Lora-sorry if this post was kinda lame just thought I should say something about it. Cheer up!

  2. Sorry to post again but I wish you could come down to see Lisa, Lee, and I before you went back to school. Oh well, it’s cool, we’ll see each other again someday, hahaha.


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